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  • Read About Our 25-Year Journey of Dedication, Determination & Dynamism

    Marking a sterling milestone, serving 25 years as the regulator of Asia's wholesale intermediation centre, Labuan IBFC

Anti-Money Laundering & CFT Compliance

The year 2021 holds a special place for Labuan FSA as it celebrates the Silver Jubilee anniversary. 

Labuan FSA, as the integrated regulator of the Labuan IBFC under the Ministry of Finance Malaysia, has been the main driving force behind the development and growth of Labuan IBFC.
Labuan FSA is vigilantly monitoring the impact of Covid-19 on the Centre. While the situation continues to evolve, the well-being and safety of staff, stakeholders and industry players remain as a paramount important. Labuan FSA will strive to ensure the Centre’s business operations and delivery of services remain uninterrupted.
Labuan FSA places great emphasis on engaging its stakeholders in promoting the understanding of Labuan IBFC’s regulatory regime. Relationships with peer regulators, international standard setting bodies and the financial community it serves  remain a key part of our work. 

Labuan FSA also recognises the important role that the Labuan IBFC plays in its contribution towards the Island and its local community. We are continuously ramping up focus on corporate social responsibility approaches and nurture the community across fields of education, environment and other social community projects.


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