Enquiries / Complaints

Enquiries and Complaints

Labuan FSA aspires to foster greater public confidence and create an organisation that effectively regulates and supervises the Labuan financial institutions in Labuan IBFC. Labuan FSA has put in place various channels for public enquiry and complaints, comprising:
  • Appointment-based meeting at Labuan FSA offices;
  • For general enquiries, please email to [email protected] or call the Customer Relations officer at 03-8873 2058.
We are committed to:
  • Provide efficient and effective services in handling and facilitating resolution of complaints and enquiries.
  • Enhance public awareness and understanding on financial matters in Labuan IBFC.
Prompt Response for Enquiries and Complaints

Labuan FSA welcomes and encourages all enquiries, feedback, and complaints as opportunities to understand financial consumers' concerns. Financial consumers are required to communicate with the Labuan FSA regarding their enquiries and complaints through the channels listed above.

File a Complaint with Labuan Financial Services Authority

Labuan FSA may investigate a complaint/information/report concerning possible wrongdoing, including fraud, non-compliance with Labuan IBFC laws and regulations, or other irregular activities conducted by Labuan companies or Labuan Financial Institutions.

  • When should public lodge a complaint?
    • Misconduct by Labuan entities that are licensed, registered, or authorised by Labuan FSA.
    • Unauthorized offering of financial services activities including illegal schemes or scams.
    • Misuse of the Labuan FSA’s logo or misrepresenting the Labuan FSA.

  • What happened when the complaint is lodged?
    • We will review and evaluate your complaint to determine if it falls within our purview and determine the breaches to Labuan FSA’s respective laws.
    • Take regulatory action against the financial institutions and any person found to have breached Labuan FSA rules and regulations.
    • As such, not all matters will result in an enforcement action (or any other type of action) by Labuan FSA. Our decision not to proceed further action on your complaint does not dismiss your private right to take your own legal action.

  • Confidentiality & Dispute Resolution: Labuan FSA's limitation & Responsibilities
    • Disclose the outcome of any assessment/ investigations/ action taken as Labuan FSA is restrained by law from disclosing information obtained during the performance of our regulatory functions.
    • Arbitrate individual/ private dispute or any claim for recovery of money or compensation for the loss of investment scheme.

Please download and fill in the following complaint form, if you wish to report regulatory violations or misconduct by the Labuan entity:-

Please direct the completed form together with all required information and/or supporting documents to:

Email: [email protected]; or
Telephone: +603-8873 2000; or
Facsimile: +603-8873 2209; or

Ordinary Mail/Courier:

Corporate Communication & External Relations Unit
Labuan Financial Services Authority
Level 17, Main Office Tower
Financial Park Complex
Jalan Merdeka
87000 Labuan, Malaysia

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