Digital Financial Services

Labuan IBFC continues to provide a fit-for-digital business structures to facilitate various digital financial-related business (DFS) in the Centre. These include digital-banking, insurtech business to digital intermediaries such as Robo-advisors, digital asset exchanges, crypto trading platforms, blockchain tokens as well as e-payment systems. Labuan entities are required to obtain Labuan FSA’s prior approval before undertaking proposed DFS-related activities. Among others, in view of the virtual and non-face-to-face contact of DFS businesses, regulatory emphasis will be on the compliance to the AML/CFT and market conduct requirements. This is critical to ensure that all DFS activities in the Centre is not used to front any money laundering or terrorism financing schemes; whilst promoting professional and transparent services in dealings with clients.

Applicants are welcome to engage with Labuan FSA to discuss your potential business propositions prior to submitting any applications. This would enable us to facilitate the proposed DFS activity and advise you on the relevant regulations depending on the nature of the business proposal.

Annual fee needs to be paid upon the grant of licence. The subsequent payment of annual fee is payable not later than 15 January of each year.
Business activities conducted in, from or through Labuan IBFC are governed under the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines.
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