July 2017
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Transparency and substance is the new staple for a modern and successful IFC, while continuous subscription to the highest money laundering and terrorism financing standards a given.

There is a lot on the plate of international financial centres (IFCs) today, mostly brought about by the winds of change from numerous global multilateral initiatives. IFCs around the world will need to reposition their value propositions to remain capable of operating successfully, while creating a level of acceptability from a reputational angle...

Anthony Egerton, Principal Officer of Huntington Underwriting Limited shares the ins and outs of captive insurance and how corporates could benefit from it.

As a member of several international standards-setting bodies, Labuan FSA is committed to combat any money laundering and terrorism financing activities in Labuan IBFC.

The Labuan Business Activity Tax (Amendment) Act 2017 (LBATA) will soon entail the publication of AEOI regulations for Labuan entities paying taxes under the LBATA, similar to the AEOI regulations published on 23 December 2016 for taxpayers paying taxes under the Income Tax Act

To stay relevant and future-proof themselves, IFCs today have to contend with transparency issues, be substance-enabling, and commit to an active anti-money laundering and terrorism financing regime.

In this new normal, seismic changes can only be anticipated and to a certain extent these changes have arrived within the offshore financial services fraternity.

So this month, we are featuring an article discussing on the standards for a modern and successful IFC and it is worth noting how Labuan IBFC is well-fitted in these conditions.

I hope you will enjoy this month’s edition.

Danial Mah Abdullah
CEO, Labuan IBFC
Time: 8.00 AM - 4.45 PM
Venue: Le Meridien, Putrajaya, Malaysia 

Multinational companies with large captives need to be prepared to demonstrate their alignment to BEPS principles or face potential reputational damage and financial penalties.

The director-general of Labuan Financial Services Authority, Ahmad Hizzad Baharuddin, spoke to AsianInvestor about the changing environment for tax transparency.

The overall growth of global private wealth picked up momentum in 2016, allowing for a good deal of regional variation. Asia Pacific was nonetheless the most robust region, achieving an increase that was just shy of double digits.

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