Notice on Premier Assurance Group SPC Ltd., Labuan Branch - In Official Liquidation (Updated on 5 January 2022)
To all Policyholders/Creditors of Premier Assurance Group SPC Ltd., Labuan Branch (PAG Labuan)

As of 31 December 2021, Labuan FSA was made to understand that less than 40% of Labuan policyholders had engaged with the JOLs and submitted the prove of debts. In this regard, Labuan FSA would like to urge the remaining policyholders/creditors of PAG Labuan to act accordingly and liaise with the Joint Official Liquidators (JOLs) for the submission of the proof of debts on immediate basis.

Labuan FSA would also like to reiterate that all creditors/policyholders of PAG Labuan are advised to frequently check the dedicated page established by the JOLs on KPMG’s website for updates from time to time via the following link:

For further information, please contact:
Communication & External Relation Unit
Tel : 6087- 591 200
Fax : 6087-428 200

Labuan Financial Services Authority
06 January 2022
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