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Labuan FSA is constantly improving its digital infrastructure to further enhance the delivery efficiency to its stakeholders. These include the creation of a new digital portal called REEFS (“Real Time Search of Company Status”). REEFS was launched and implemented in August 2020 to provide an automated real-time search function for Labuan companies’ status and existence in Labuan IBFC.

Additionally, the establishment of REEFS is to further promote transparency and accessibility to data by enabling and allowing the public to conduct searches for other entities such as Foundations, Trusts, and Partnerships through the same platform.

Labuan FSA recognises that time is of the essence pertaining to financial activities as well as in other business, contractual and enforcement matters. The enhancement of REEFS provides a more efficient channel for the public to have access to the particulars of companies and other entities registered in Labuan IBFC by streamlining the records and in REEFS with the COR@L Registry system of Labuan FSA in real-time.

It enables enhanced efficiency, improved customer experiences, real-time data insights, cost saving (free-of-charge), instant response and quicker automated search services to all its Registry users and the public.

Labuan FSA encourages the public and all our Registry users to take advantage of the REEFS which can be accessed via Labuan FSA’s website at or via the COR@L system at

To obtain the desired search result, the EXACT entity name OR its registration number would need to be entered.

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