A Labuan trust is a highly effective vehicle for asset preservation, protection and income distribution, making it one of the primary vehicles used to pass wealth from one generation to the next. It provides unparalleled financial control with exceptional fiscal advantages.

The creation of a Labuan trust is generally for an individual or a settlor to give specific property to a third party to be held for the benefit of others, including charities. The Labuan Trust Act 1996 (LTA) allows the creation of the following types of trust:
  • Purpose trusts;
  • Charitable trusts;
  • Spendthrift or protective trusts; and
  • Labuan special trusts.
Applicant must appoint a licensed Labuan trust company as its incorporation agent.
Annual fee needs to be paid upon the grant of licence. The subsequent payment of annual fee is payable not later than 15 January of each year.
Business activities conducted in, from or through Labuan IBFC are governed under the relevant laws, regulations and guidelines.
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